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Some more picture-y goodness!

We are spoiling you now, Bazzers

But it's true, the rumours are confirmed - we do have some more excellent pictures from our rehearsal room to share with you! Feast thine eyes below:

Credit as ever, to the superb Cesare De Giglio  © 





When we rehearse, we invite a professional photographer along...

Have we got a treat for you! We have done the photographer thing proper and the results are going in personal frames ASAP…unless that's weird. Eh. We don't care. They're that awesome. Props to our guest photographer Cesare De Giglio for capturing the still moments in a very active  and unexpected rehearsal room - and this just proves, as if we ever needed it, that our amazing actors, despite being groovy, talented, brave, clever and generally top, also can't take a bad picture. Thanks, guys. 

© Cesare De Giglio 

Dream Team Collective. After this, we're starting a 90s R'n'B group.

dreamplay is at The Vaults, September 10th - 1st October, 2016.