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Dream Commencing...

Bazzers! We have officially begun the lucid state that is our run of dream play at the Vaults  - and we are so so excited (and no, not in the unfortunate way you can sometimes be in a dream state. Steady.) to finally share it with our audiences - it's a massive joy for us and the cast to enjoy such an interesting and unique relationship with theatregoers - taking it out of the traditional spaces, and the traditional stories.

It's close to what Strindberg was attempting in 1901 when he wrote A Dream Play for his Intimate Theatre in Sweden - he was a revolutionary in text and performance, even then, in turn of the century spaces. In using his text as a template, updating it and giving it shape, we have consciously taken the stabilisers off what a play can be - there are props, locations, sets, costume - it's still what you would recognise, but we're keen for you to earn your dinner and fully get on board with us. That, to us, is a fully immersive, experimental and thoughtful, impossible thing. Much like a dream.

Dreams make a sense that is illusive - time moves differently, space and truths we accept in the daytime, rules even, no longer apply. Repressed thoughts, memories and desires are unleashed, nostalgia, happiness, sadness, loss, lust and just life run riot. And this is Baz's paddling pool. Through the imagination, bravery and boldness of our amazing director Sarah, our cast of Colin, Michelle, Jade, Jack, Laura and George (Laura's cello) our amazing fearless and dynamic designers Naomi and Josh, producers extraordinare Liz and George and our initial holy trio of Catherine, Sarah and Emma who dreamt it up in the first place- we have created form and chaos, physical sets and imagined ones, a fourth wall and no walls. We ask you to leave expectation at the door - in our original manifesto, we professed to create event theatre that is 'alive and limitless'.

dreamplay feels like a love letter to that. And to August, obviously. And his patented 'hypnotising gaze'. Though maybe not. It's pretty intense, guys.

We look forward to have you dream with us!

With love,

Baz x

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