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Has it been five years already?

Baz Blogger: Jess Bailey

My, how we have grown! And by god, we’re going to mark it in a celebratory fashion, (meaning a blog post) so hold on!

Ahem. Well then. Here we are, knocking on the door of our fifth year. When you start an experimental site-responsive company dedicated to an entirely raw and live theatre experience from a  female perspective, that half-decade milestone seems a long way off in the distance. A really long way. But it’s been so worth it for the love of the moment: an unexpected connection with an audience member, getting to shock, educate and deliver something new every night. Of course, we’ve come out the other side of five years briefed on the health and safety and lighting requirements of any location that exists, ever, so apart from anything else we’re putting that in the ‘pro column’.

Thinking of this day, January 28th 2011 - a typically freezing winter’s night where it all came together beautifully, big sign and all, still gives us the warm feeling the biting cold outside couldn’t get near:

It was a wonderful and super chill (even if we say so ourselves) launch to what we do and who we are, where the wine flowed freely (of what we remember) and friends, family, colleagues and interested parties raised a whopping amount in order to get us on our way. Since then, we’ve had two healthy and happy productions under our belt (and a third well received in the development stages coming soon to a very exciting space), award nominations, critical praise, and a thriving education programme helping out teachers, students and workers alike.  

We’ve strived to give back as well as push ourselves, gaining knowledge and help along the way, learning to trust our instincts and returning, always to our core aims and manifesto. We couldn’t be more proud of our casts, creative teams and of course, our founders. Right, going to put that trumpet down now (but excuse us, we are very pleased.)

Of course, we couldn’t have done half of all that, however, without the kind moral and financial support of our patrons, individual givers and of course, our generous audiences. What? no, there’s nothing in our eye…

So far, so awesome, but we’ve got to keep up the momentum to give you theatre that we think you deserve, exciting, limitless and alive. Here’s to us, to you and the next five! Oh and watch this space (and that step, it’s crumbling a bit...sorry, old habits - site-specific life)

With serious love and thanks,

Baz Team x