Oh just a typical pic of us BazTeam having a meeting. No paparazzi please!

Oh just a typical pic of us BazTeam having a meeting. No paparazzi please!

Hello! Merry Spring to you all (let us ignore the fact it’s freezing) Baz is back again, and this time with blog to reflect on all the cool things we and our multi-talented friends are getting up to. Despite the MAYhem and Carnage wraught by nearly a decade of Tories who wouldn’t know art if it kicked them in the bum, the friends and family of Baz and otherwise in the industry have kept it running – and we want to honour these cool dudes for doing, actually, pretty brilliant work in the face of cuts, under-representation and diminished opportunity. Our front line if you will. Much like our previous post about what the landscape for women we’re gonna provide you with only the best Baz goings on, so get ready, pull up a stool, grab your green tea avocado juice and let’s compare padfolios! (Actually lets do none of that, that sounds awful. Move on, move on quickly)

So the Epic Trinity that makes up Baz: that of Catherine, Sarah and Emma are kept very busy in their BazWork (™) as well as Baz Education, their own passion projects, and just life, really. Catherine (@CathBailey and https://www.catherinebaileyactor.com) has dressed up to the very royal nines and just wrapped up filming series 2 of The Crown, and is generally everyone’s dream best friend as Vryling Buffam in Terence Davies latest biopic on Emily Dickinson, A Quiet Passion in cinemas internationally. Sarah (@bediberet) continues to work her directorial magic with work with Central, and Rose Bruford theatre schools in theatres across London as well as another season down at the Aldebrugh Music Festival working with our dear dreamplay mate Laura Moody and her experimental cello, in a new exciting musical project Parralellist, down in the beautiful and atmospheric Snape Maltings. You won’t wanna miss that.  Emma (@luffers - love that) is super scripty fixer at the BBC and invariably behind your new fave series at the Beeb, she has just finished work on the rightfully lauded Three Girls which if you haven’t seen, get on iPlayer now- for reals - as well as Baz’s comings and goings at all times!

AND we got time to get sucked into Line of Duty. We got it all, man.

We’re also always thinking of Baz be it creatively, financially, educationally, landscapely, businessly (is that one?) or otherwise-ly and it is never far from our minds. To that end we like to surround ourselves with a company of creatives whose work we support and are inspired by – Sarah’s continued connection to Laura Moody for example, currently being amazing in Snapes, to going to support our dear friend Mark Weinman’s play on at the Old Red Lion – if you’re in our gang (and it’s free membership) than we are m8s. End of, Fight us if it isn’t true!

Ha, sorry. Got carried away. We just get fiercely supportive of our faves, of shows we feel deliver important messages both in content and casting, and those that we know are epic in our own work, we are chuffed to see out there in the world! Even our resident blogger Jess (@JessBails) has rolled up her sleeves and has work coming up on a London stage…what can we say? We have fine taste!

So as we officially enter the very beginnings of our next genre-defying, balcony climbing adaptation, ready for the thrills and spills of putting on our fourth production in six years, we wanted to give pause and spotlight in the tradition of Baz old, our much prized collection of fellow creatives, talents and stars we are chuffed are getting the plaudits they deserve! So, for them diaries:

Mark Weinman (longtime friend to Baz and actor extraordinaire) has written a play ‘Dyl’ is on at the Old Red Lion Theatre  until 3rd June, GO: http://www.oldredliontheatre.co.uk/dyl.html

Liz Counsell (fab producer on dreamplay) and her theatre company Nabokov are all over the place: Brighton Fringe, the Roundhouse, and a new piece with deaf ballroom dancers. Sign us up for it all: and read all about it on her twitter: @lizzicou and http://www.nabokov-online.com

Georgina Bednar (epic producer of dreamplay) also produces for a fab theatre company you don’t want to miss the work of, No Ordinary Experience. Keep an eye on them here: http://noordinaryexperience.com and @NoOrdExp

Lyz Bacon (1/3 of our uber talented trainee director programme) is artistic director of her own brill theatre company, fresh out of again conquering the Vaults space with our fave, dreamplay actor Jack Wilkinson. Follow @lyzbacon at Anything Other: http://anythingother.com

Steven Lloyd (the second third of our talented trainee director programme) at @stereosteve86 also has his own theatre company @AmplifiedTheatr that just enjoyed a great run at The Bunker with their music-themed play, Six. Keep updated here http://amplifiedtheatre.co.uk

And our design Dream Team, the ever busy, ever excellent Naomi Kuyuck-Cohen (@NaomiKuyckCohen) and Joshua Gadsby (@Joshua_Gadsby)

Jess Bailey (our own blogger and last third of trainee directordom at dreamplay) has work on at Theatre N16 produced and written by an all female creative team in Balham next week: check the details here http://theatren16.co.uk/vote-revolt

And of course our Top Three, Sarah, Cath and Emma who are always up to great things education, directing and acting (with bonus fan work…can’t forget that. It really is an art, guys)

Whoo. Looking back on that list, it makes us proud to be part of an industry that is so inclusive and forward thinking (most of the practitioners on our list are female) and working in new mediums in new ways to new audiences. Vive that arty revolution. Vive all the way to the polling booths on June 8th – and Vive like the French do.

(Yes we got political there, but we had to –and we’re coming for you if you haven’t yet registered: get your skates on!!)

Basically we’d love it if you:

1.     continued to be Bazzites and make our hearts beat with inspiration, support and gratitude (a.k.a biz as usual)


2.     Follow/support our fab friends and their excellent projects – we really do know how to pick em – thank us later


3.     Register, goddamit.


4.     Vote. And we’re not telling you who to vote for or anything….but let’s just say it rhymes with ‘Lorbyn’ /


Coming up: a little bit of background of Kafka….just cos..no agenda or anything like that. *Winks* *Gets something in eye*

Hope you all had a sunkissed weekend! Cheers *clinks avocado, grass and wasabi shot*

Enjoy, theatre lovers! Talk soon.


Baz xx