BAZ routinely works with Teach First to support individual participants with additional 1-2-1 coaching in Teacher Presence. Our specialised facilitators are experienced in working with a range of Teacher Presence issues, from physical communication and assertiveness, to specific vocal issues.

These 1-2-1 sessions can be arranged to help address issues identified as part of support plans, or in order to support you in making efficient and impactful changes to your practice.

In each instance this training is tailored to your specific needs and after discussion with both you and your LDO. We will ensure we fully understand your concerns and help you identify any issues, working in confidence to address these in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. In the past BAZ has run coaching sessions targeting the following issues:

  • Clear, measured communication in the classroom
  • Building authority and assertiveness
  • Finding power in the voice
  • Confidence building
  • Addressing growing conflict between participant and mentor in feedback situations
  • Differentiating tone
  • Using physical present to support the use of behaviour management strategies
  • Accent clarity in spoken English

Every 1-2-1 is unique, and doesn’t end once the 3 hour session is over with resources provided to support you as you step back in to the classroom. This is not a generic course, but a personalised tailored coaching session; working with you closely to find the best approach to support your needs.

Coaching is typically 3hrs in length. Depending on the requirement, sessions are delivered as either a single 3hr visit to your school, or in a format more suited to your needs. Please ensure that there is a private room available from which to work for the duration of the session. Please inform the school of the arrival of the facilitator and meet Baz at the main reception on the day.

Participants are asked to send a 15 minute video of themselves teaching at least three days prior to the session to assist with planning. This can be either via WeTransfer of Dropbox to the email


Plug in your device to your computer. You'll be prompted to upload photos to your Dropbox folder. Select Import Pictures and Videos using Dropbox. Your photos will automatically save to the Dropbox Camera Uploads folder. Right-click the file and select Share... Choose Can view and enter Click Invite.


Go to and accept the terms and conditions. Click the + button to add your video file from your computer. Fill in the details, sending it to Click the TRANSFER button.